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About Us


After more than 10 years working in the beauty industry, Ruthie branched out and opened Centered Aesthetics to provide waxing and other services to a diverse clientele.


Ruthie is a licensed esthetician, Thuya certified brow lift(lamination) specialist, and has taken many advanced waxing courses for male and female intimate waxing. Often described as ‘brow obsessed’, Ruthie believes that eyebrows truly have the ability to transform the face, and play a huge part in helping enhance a person’s confidence.


“It may not be painless, but I promise I’ll make it quick”- has been Ruthie’s motto when it comes to body waxing. While never considered the most enjoyable experience, and what many tend to believe a ‘necessary evil’; by using only the highest quality waxes designed for even the most sensitized skin and systematic waxing techniques, Ruthie is able to make the process as efficient as possible.

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