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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It'll be my first time getting a Brazilian, how should I prepare?
    Yay! That's so exciting! We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week leading up to your appointment, making sure there's adequate hair growth to ensure the best possible results; usually the length of a grain of rice is enough. Additionally, taking an ibuprofen prior to your appointment MAY help in slightly reducing the pain of waxing.
  • What if I’m on my period, should I reschedule?
    Nope! Unless you find you experience a significant increase in sensitivity, we recommend taking an ibuprofen prior to the appointment and ensuring you have a tampon etc. in place. Additionally, given this policy, unfortunately unless given 24-hour notice, you will be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • How long should I wait between waxes?
    It really depends on your hair growth. Your esthetician will discuss the length recommended between waxes, but the consensus is generally between 2-4 weeks for facial waxing and 4-6 weeks for body waxing.
  • What should I do after my wax?
    This will be discussed with your esthetician, but we generally recommend holding off any type of exfoliation for body waxing 24-48 hours post wax. For facial waxing, at least 24 hours should be observed before any type of exfoliation. Exfoliation can include your loofah or body gloves, a physical scrub, or by using a chemical exfoliant like PFB (all of these options are available for purchase at Centered Aesthetics 😉)
  • I'm running late! Will I be charged a no-show fee?
    Just let us know! We'll do everything we can to accommodate depending on availability.
  • What if I’m under 18, can I still get waxed?
    Absolutely! We’ll ask for a parent/guardian to sign off on the release form, and we’ll be good to go!
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